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With Vulture you support CERM - Threatened Raptors Center!

Nephron percnopterus: the smallest vulture in the Old World. With its pointed beak, it ingests remains and fragments of the carcass ignored by other vulture species, assuming an important ecological function, namely the natural disposal of animal carcasses present in the environment. The use of drugs for the care of livestock, the change of the mountain environment, wind turbines and high voltage pylons are deadly traps for the Egyptian vulture, the most threatened bird of prey in Italy.

Illustration created by Elena Cogliatti

  • 100% certified organic cotton
  • No gender
  • Dettagli

    - Telaio in legno massello

    - Illustrazione stampa digitale su tela

    - 175.0 gr


    24x30 cm

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    Producendo on-demand, i tempi di produzione e spedizione variano, a seconda del periodo, dai 10 ai 20 giorni lavorativi.

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