Just above the equator, in Central America, there is a small country which, even if it constitutes only 0.03% of the earth's surface, is home to about 4% of the entire global biodiversity: Costa Rica. countless mountain ranges, the proximity to two oceans and the equatorial latitude have allowed the simultaneous presence of different types of environments and a consequent explosion of biodiversity. Toucans are the emblem of this incredible richness.

It seems that to paint the forty-three species of toucan, nature has used all the shades of the color palette at its disposal.

In front of the green, the blue water, the light streaks, the orange access and the intense red tip of the great beak of Ramphastos sulfuratus , even the most convinced evolutionist and rational can hardly find a logic in this variety.

A small rainbow in motion: this is the first impression seeing this bird flying in the lush Costa Rican forests, initially attracted by its insistent call. In Spanish, the animal is known as tucàn pico arcoiris , the rainbow-billed toucan.

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