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There is a wonderful interconnection in the web of life. Every living being is inextricably connected to the surrounding environment, in its biotic and abiotic factors. Man is an integral part of this network, sometimes a decisive part in its stability.

A slender hominid with an upright posture, imagination and imaginary orders, an articulate language and an aptitude for cooperation have made him a skilled hunter, breeder, farmer, king, subject, citizen of orders social complexes, explorer of the planet, the solar system and himself. A unique feature of Homo sapiens is the ability to think about itself, as a species but also as an individual.

Homeostasis, in addition to turning its enchanted and amazed gaze to Nature, also keeps an eye towards its interior, all human, made of flesh and bones, nerves and viscera, of health and disease, but also of aspirations, drives, desires, responsibilities.


It begins to contract when we are embryos of a few millimeters ...

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Nervous system

Feel the wind on your body and in your hair. Rub a surface with your fingers and feel its roughness or smoothness ...

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