Collezione Habitat

All organisms are inextricably linked to each other, like precious tiles of a single mosaic that has the slow evolutionary process as its craftsman. But each environment, with its physico-chemical characteristics and its organisms, is an artwork in itself.

Not all forests are the same: every place on Earth has a unique aspect, also determined by even small differences and its peculiar history, and just a few changes are enough to obtain unpredictable repercussions and upset the work. But let's not feel superior: we humans too are a fiber of this complicated texture.

To preserve the heavenly corners of our planet and guarantee - even selfishly - our lasting well-being, it is therefore necessary to have an overview.

We want to introduce you to this, the links between organisms and their natural environment; the homeostatic balance in ecosystems, both in its most evident and explicit forms - cryptic colors suited to the landscape, structures modeled for functionality - and in its most profound consequences. In every environment there is more than what appears at a quick glance for us land animals accustomed to the surface of things.


In certain geological eras called Ice Ages...

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Collezione Habitat