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By purchasing one of our products you will also support the various organizations and associations that, in Italy and in the rest of the world, fight for the protection of biodiversity and for the well-being of the most disadvantaged.

In the first months of the life of Homeostasis 500 euros of donations were collected, donated to the institutions we have chosen to support. Your purchases have turned into syringes, medicines and medical equipment for Doctors Without Borders; field equipment, GPS and baby food for Egyptian vultures, ecological corridors in the forests of Borneo, environmental education seminars for local children.

On our social pages we will keep you updated about the stories of volunteers and operators who dedicate their lives to the protection of others and the environment: supporting also means giving echo, telling and showing their work.

Save Wild Orangutans

With our Pongo, your support will reach the tropical forests of Borneo, specifically in Gunung Palung National Park. Through Save Wild Orangutans, you will fund an ambitious conservation program for the Park's orangutan population. Research, environmental education plans and direct habitat protection are the main tools of the program, which aims to ensure a future for the highly threatened Bornean orangutan.

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With our Blue Whale and Sea Turtle you will be alongside the MarAlliance community, made up of researchers, fishermen, students and local citizens of the tropics, from Panama via Cape Verde and up to Micronesia. Study and monitoring of threatened marine species and their habitats, dissemination and training, discussion with policy makers, maintenance and support of marine protected areas, promotion of fishing and sustainable tourism, are the concrete actions of MarAlliance for the protection of marine ecosystems .

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Doctors Without Borders

With our illustrations from the Human Body collection, you will be alongside Doctors Without Borders, according to the principles of independence, neutrality and impartiality. From Sudan to Syria, from Mexico to remote Pacific islands, from Libya to Papua New Guinea, you will be with MSF women and men in over 80 countries that are the theater of conflicts, epidemics, migration, natural disasters and extreme poverty. Where it is needed most, they are there. Without Borders.

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Rescue Center Costa Rica

422 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione

With our Toucan you will support the Costa Rica Rescue Center, which deals with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of local wildlife. Over 300 animals are rehabilitated each year including sloths, possums, monkeys, raccoons, parrots and many more. Animals arrive in the center for a wide variety of reasons, most of which are caused directly or indirectly by human activity.

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With our Vulture you will support the CERM Association - Threatened Birds of Prey Center, the largest ex-situ reproduction center of Egyptian vulture in the world. To address the progressive and severe decline of the species in Italy, the "Egyptian Vulture Project" was born in 1993, which carries out programs for captive breeding and release in the wild of young individuals.
The center deals with the management and the refueling of the carnage in the Murgia Materana Park in Basilicata and the monitoring of the Lucanian population, to verify the reproductive success of the couples of this species. Unfortunately, the CERM Association does not have stable and adequate funding to carry out all the activities necessary to avert the extinction of the Egyptian vulture in our country. For this reason, we join CERM and its mission to safeguard the most endangered species in Italy!

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Pangolin Crisis Fund

With our Pangolin you will support the Pangolin Crisis Fund. The proceeds of this fund are invested in national and global projects for the protection of the busiest animal in the world. Awareness campaigns to reduce the demand for meat and flakes, tools to combat poaching, strategic conservation plans and the involvement of local communities are the strategies outlined as an action plan for the conservation of the pangolin and supported by the fund.

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Wildlife Conservation Network

With our Habitat illustrations you will support Wildlife Conservation Network, a non-profit organization committed to protecting endangered species, supporting researchers and conservationists in the field and promoting the coexistence of man and nature. Save the Elephants, Okapi Conservation Project and Cheetah Conservation Fund are just some of the many conservation projects supported by WCN: one of the most impactful bodies in the fight to protect biodiversity in the world.

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