About us

Omeostasi was born from the dreams of four friends, with common passions and diversified training, medical and naturalistic. In many years of friendship, study, work, travel, our points of view on the world have been intertwined, mutually contaminating each other.

From this intersection arose the vision of the clear, intimate and inevitable interconnection between man and nature, and the understanding of the concept of One Health, that unique global health that embraces the well-being of humans, animals and of wild ecosystems.
The majesty, tenderness or elegance of a creature, its colors, its extraordinary uniqueness. Or the complexity of an organ, its being fundamental to life.

Omeostasi tells.
It tells the habitat of a species, its habits. Its main threats, recent and past. Its integration into an ecosystem, in dynamic equilibrium with a myriad of other living organisms. Similarly, it tells about the various functions of a physiological system and its integration into a system of higher complexity, its main pathologies or how to take care of them.

Homeostasis participates.
A part of the proceeds will go to entities that deal with safeguarding animal species and human populations in a state of vulnerability.

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.
Then you wear Nature with Omeostasi products, in its full respect.
Discover our collections and what have to tell.